Armor-Tile Transit Systems Guidance Tiles

Our transit systems are designed with safety and convenience in mind. They are in place throughout many worldwide transit platforms and multi-modal transit centers.

The Armor-Tile transit systems we manufactured guarantee exceptional wear resistance. This ensures a longer tile life combined with a greater cost effectiveness. Armor-Tile transit systems consistently outperform all other tile transit systems.

Through consistent testing Armor-Tile greatly exceeds the requirement for wear resistance, impact resistance, weathering, chemical resistance, burn resistance and slip resistance.

Armor-Tile continuously surpasses industry expectations with their state of the art products and innovations. Armor-tile transit systems are developed for the benefit of our valued customers.

Armor-Tile Tactile Systems Surface Applied Tiles are a range of products that can be applied to any transit application. They are cost effective for both retrofitting and new construction. The tiles come as a complete system including tile, adhesive, fasteners and sealant. Systems Applied Tiles will meet the needs of any transit application.

Armor-Tile Tactile Systems Cast In Place Tiles are not only cost-effective but are a highly durable system for setting warning tiles directly into newly poured concrete, especially for transit systems. These Cast In Place transit systems ensure a flush installation by using embedment flanges that allow concrete to flow and lock the tile in place.

Armor-Tile Tactile Systems Structural Paver Tiles provide a strong, long-lasting solution for landscape pavers. Tiles are filled with polymer concrete to allow for use as a cantilevered track edge.
Armor-Tile Tactile Systems Directional Tiles ensure a pathway is tactile and effective to assist the visual community, especially in transit facilities. These directional tiles are cost effective and the ideal solution to provide a tactile path to pedestrians.
Armor-Tile Tactile Systems Guidance Tiles are made to assist visual pedestrians in their daily travels. The durable, maintenance free tiles are cost-effective. Ideal installations of guidance tiles are for areas that contain bends or for transit facilities.