Guidance Tiles

Blue Prints

Please download the folloring DWG and PDF blueprints to see the details of the Armor-Tile Cast In Place Tile System.



Please download the following specification for planning your next project using Armor-Tile.

Cast In Place Tile Specification

Guidance Tiles

Armor-Tile Tactile Systems Guidance Tiles are used to guide visual pedestrians accross intersections that incorporate bends or as seperately as a tactile pathway in public rights of way. Typical areas of use include university campuses, parks, sidewalks, and transit facilities. Guidance Tiles are the solution for civil engineers looking to provide a tactile path along a roadway that incorporates a bend or an unusually large gap span between curbs. The durable, maintenance free Armor-Tile Guiance Tiles are cost effective for both retrofit and new construction. Nine standard colors are available, the typically specified size is 4"x48", however longer peices can be made available.